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About PsEco

“PsEco,“ a data-driven analysis platform for farmers.
PsEco develops data-driven solutions to farmers' unique problems, providing practical guidance to farmers anytime, anywhere, using a mobile phone.

Key Features

Data Management
  • Visualization of problems using soil/plant sap/water analysis data from in-house laboratories and on-site data
  • Proposal of fertilizer management suited to each site
  • Maximizing farmers' profits & ecological farming
Maximizing farmers' profits & ecological farming.
We work closely with farmers to meet their challenges and goals.
By applying only the minimally necessary fertilizers and chemicals, we can achieve:
  • High quality & high yield
  • Reduction of wasteful costs
  • Environmental conservation
  • Sustainable soil and healthy crop cultivation
The accumulation of analytical data and field data (data management) makes it possible to predict growth, confirm the effects of fertilizer application, and fine-tune prescriptions.

PsEco Online Shop

Our online shop has an assortment of products for almost every situation:
  • Fertilizers and microbial products
  • Agricultural materials (drip irrigation, etc.)
  • Seeds
  • Seedlings
  • Agrochemicals
Technology and products are constantly evolving.
Making use of our worldwide network, we are actively developing cutting-edge products.

PsEco & LexiTech

All data and information will be collected and updated globally.Such data and information will be utilized and regressed into unique prescriptions.The loop of regression will further evolve the data.

Enabling on-farm data sharing

Data sharing bridges the gap between technicians and management
  • Technicians (field foresight, risk management)
  • Management (clarification of justified budget)

Analysis Service

Visualization of onsite issues: Soil analysis x Plant sap analysis x Water analysis x Microorganism evaluation
What is the problem? What components are deficient? We need to analyze what kind of fertilizer, how much, in what combination, and when it is needed.
When a person is sick, he or she goes to a hospital, undergoes a medical interview and examination, and receives a prescription and medicine. Agriculture is no different.The shortest route to improvement is to provide prescriptions tailored to each individual. If there is data to back it up, we can work toward improvement with peace of mind.

Soil Analysis

Soil conditions vary from one cropping season to the next, even in the same soil. Soil changes need to be tracked by data.
Without soil analysis, it is easy to unintentionally practice unbalanced fertilizer management.With only a few analysis items, it is impossible to grasp the problem (cause and effect relationship), we can help ensure analysis down to trace elements and base balance. It is not possible to identify the problem (cause-and-effect relationship) with only soil chemistry, so we also need to include analysis of microorganisms.
The ecosystem woven by microorganisms is the driving force that keeps forests and jungles alive even without agrochemicals and chemical fertilizers, meaning they are a key, driving force for sustainable soil and healthy crop growth.
The white thread-like area is not a root, but actually a microorganism.

Plant Sap Analysis

The components required for each stage of growth are different.
Even if soil is prepared by soil analysis, plants cannot absorb all soil nutrients.Confirmation of the effect of fertilizer application and growth prediction by plant sap analysis is necessary.
Fruit tomatoes with stable taste and yield by overcoming physiological damage (excess or deficiency of fertilizer)

Water Analysis

Nutrients in water are effectively utilized.
For example, depending on the result of analysis we may make a proposal to maximize the effect of agrochemicals and reduce the impact of clogging on irrigation equipment by using specially developed products.
Proposal also includes clarification of the cause of clogging of drip irrigation tubes and countermeasures to improve fertilizer efficiency.

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